I took the e30 to the BMW club’s Dyno Day hosted at Dietsch Werks to find out what kind of horsepower it gets now that it has a refreshed m20 engine. It was fun to hear and see all the different BMWs, get my car on the dyno and have some good food.

My car was the oldest to run the dyno that day but also the car with the least HP: 121.6. I’m not upset, in fact it puts an extra wide grin on my face when I put my foot down and out-accelerate newer, more powerful cars.

I’d never been to a dyno day before, and I’ve never seen cars spewing black junk from the exhaust pipes before: As I learned, this junk doesn’t accumulate if you hit the rev limiter frequently. Since the dyno day I try to get out on the highway and hit the red line at least three times a week. Since doing that I’ve noticed the car feels like it’s putting down more power at the wheels… and no more black junk.

I made a video of my 3 runs.

1989 BMW 325i e30 Dyno

Above: Dino results of 121.6 HP.

Dietsch Werks Lotus
Dietsch Werks Lotus

Above: Lots of Lotus’.


Above: This M5 was just visiting and didn’t get dyno tested.


Above: Lots of cool cars in the parking lot, like this Delorean.

July 27, 2013 events

I set out just before sunrise hoping to film my drive over one of Silicon Valley’s best roads but as I passed through the cloud ceiling my camera lens accumulated so much water that the footage is unusable. Posted below is the first 5 minutes at 400x. The rest of the video is totally obscured and edited out.

The drive was beautiful: after breaking through the clouds (what I’m driving through in the video) it was clear skies and sunny with the ceiling at least a mile below me. I saw two groups of deer and a few rabbits scampered across the road in front of me. As I made my descent I saw soft fluffy clouds nestled between green hills as mourning doves scattered at the sound of my motor as I passed by their perch.

This road at dawn is truly a hidden gem. Sorry about the footage, maybe next time.

Canon G10 Wide Angle Lens With Water
Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 7.41.18 AM

Above: Still shot from useless footage and water covered lens.

April 28, 2013 driver's log, video