I took the car to Bavarian Motorsport and had a second smoke test. Found the throttle body to ICV hose leaked (at both ends and the elbow), and the brake booster vacuum elbows also leaked. All of these elbows are just pressure fit. Here’s what I did:

  • removed the air box, AFM boot and ICV
  • installed the TB to intake manifold gasket, which was missing before
  • sealed the brake booster elbows with black Permatex RTV gasket maker
  • fitted hose clamps to the ICV tube
  • sealed the ICV elbow with black Permatex RTV gasket maker
  • put everything back together and let it cure for 24 hours


I hate the way the hose clamps look but they’re necessary. So this worked great yesterday, but last night the car bogged after sitting for 2 hours. Now I wonder if the RTV sealant isn’t up to the heat of the operating engine.


Seems I forgot to tighten the hose clamps on the intake boot. Running better now!

November 24, 2012 repairs

I don’t know how it got here, perhaps it hitched a ride from it’s home country of Deutschland to the new world or maybe it found the car here in the USA but it seems every e30 has a little gremlin that makes mischeif.

  • car was unlocking itself last weekend (info here), then suddenly issue goes away
  • replaced my AFM a couple weeks ago, car didn’t really like the new AFM that much and had low RPMs on cold starts
  • car developed a misfire which I fixed by replacing the plugs
  • for the last week the car has been bogging and stalling once on cold starts, generally have low power until it warmed up
  • suspect another vacuum leak, thinking car needs another smoke test, poked around the engine but found no cause
  • today problem suddenly goes away and car seems to run great
  • Links:

    e30 Central Locking FAQ (link)

November 10, 2012 repairs, status