I’ve wanted to swap in clear lenses since I got this car. The look of the old orange & red OEM signals which don’t really go with blue color scheme of my car, but the clear lenses are a subtle and austere remedy.

Removing the old ones can be done by hand, or if they are stubborn use a flat screwdriver to gently push sideways and pry the old sidemarker out. Also, for re-installation always install the light into the lens housing, then connect it to the wiring harness and snap into place. Otherwise any twisting of the housing may cause the bulb to work loose.

Lens Install


Clutch Pedal Stuck To Floor

In other news, this morning when leaving to wash the car my clutch pedal would not fully spring back up and I had to pull it back with my foot. Since then the clutch only engages at the very end of it’s throw and it feels like I don’t have much distance to work with when shifting. This only happened once but I suspect my master cylinder is failing. It’s a $70-170.00 part (depending on the retailer and brand name) but there’s some know-how required to replace the part and bleed the system of air.

This, combined with engine and drivability issues detract slightly from my enjoyment of the car but I’m doing my best to keep it on the road but I don’t think I’ll be driving it until I get this sorted out sometime this week or next weekend. I may have to take it to a shop if I don’t have time to deal with it.

BMW CCA GGC Cars & Coffee

Also today the wife and I went to the BMW CCA GGC “Cars & Coffee” meetup to see some friends and make some new ones. Lots of M cars there today and some interesting M1s with engine swaps!

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Clear Side Markers & Turn Signals


Sidemarkers: BavAuto.com (Search for Part “E30/32/34 CLEAR”)
Turn Signal Lenses: AbramsMotorsport.com 


BMW e30: Clear Side Markers & Front Signals Install

Front Turn Signal Bulb (Clear): Sylvania 7528
Front Turn Signal Bulb (Amber): Sylvania 1157A
Sidemarker Signal Bulb (Amber): Sylvania 2827


The amber front turn signal bulb is lower voltage, but is keyed correctly for the BMW e30 turn signal socket. This may cause the light to burn out more often or run hotter but it works.

January 13, 2013 cosmetic