Driver's Log: Sierra Road
Driver's Log: Sierra Road

A – (via Calaveras Blvd.) Calaveras Rd. to Felter Rd.

To get to the start of the route drive through downtown Milpitas, past Town Hall and through the residential fringe of town. Suburban tract homes give way to large estates and then ranches. Watch out for wild life especially at dusk and dawn. This stretch has gentle turns but some dramatic elevation changes that create blind corners (i.e. you are turning right and going up but before you are finished the turn the elevation peaks and you’re going down again). Definitely a road to be familiar with before attempting any speed.

B – Sierra Rd.

This is the most dramatic stretch of the route: twisty roads cling to the edge of the mountain and weave back through rolling hills dotted with cows. The road fluctuates between 1 and 2 lanes constantly so take care. There are breath taking views of rolling hills with the city of Milpitas 2 miles below which is especially gorgeous at night. This morning I found a layer of clouds below me which added to the surrealism.

I recorded the drive and time lapsed it, if you don’t watch the video at least check out some of the photo captures to get a sense of how dramatic this stretch of road is. It’s definitely one of this areas hidden gems (much like McKean Rd).

The video starts out dark but the sun starts to rise after the first minute. The last minute of the video is me driving downhill.


I drove this route once more but at night on January 3rd, 2013 and saw three Milpitas Sheriff cars on Sierra Rd. Might have been a coincidence but watch out for cops up there!

December 9, 2012 driver's log, video