Woke up at 4AM and decided to drive. I didn’t realize it had been raining until I got to my car. And I didn’t realize that the roads were terrible until I turned onto the highway and skidded when accellerating out of my turn and simultaneously being an idiot. I remembered the CCC from Saturday and caught the primary skid easily, and also the small secondary skid. After that I took the corners a little slower. Here’s the route I took, more or less.

A – Start, Santa Clara:

    Took a round-about way to the highway to avoid as many red lights as possible, then go on 280 and took it to 101. In the future I’ll try to get on Almaden Expressway instead of taking the 101.

    B – McKean Road:

      Beautiful road that eventually becomes Uvas Road. Lots of gently arcing turns, little elevation changes and the speed limit gets as high as 50 mph. Center line is well marked as are all the turns. This is probably a beautiful Sunday drive. Locked up my tires when a fox darted out in front of my car.

      C – Watsonville Road (Hecker Pass):

      Starts out flat and gentle but soon the road becomes hairpin turns with exhilarating elevation changes and beautiful 1 lane bridges. There are some amazing views, which I only saw hints of because it was pitch black. This road would have been more enjoyable if I was familiar with it, it was not night and it was not raining.

      D – Highway 1 to 17 North:

      Driven this stretch before. It was raining, people either drive too fast or too slow. Wish I’d turned around and taken the scenic route back home. Some great roads that I will definitely revisit another time (preferably when the sun is out).

      October 22, 2012 driver's log, video