This great little kit fits nicely in my e30’s glovebox and has all the emergency essentials needed if my full kit of tools, fluids and spare parts has been left at home. Some guys like to live on the edge and drive around with nothing but the factory toolkit but that’s not my style. Introducing my glovebox toolkit:

BMW e30: Glovebox Toolkit

Glovebox Toolkit:

  1. Storage Box
  2. Fuses x2 (All Common Guages)
  3. Interior and Signal Bulbs x2
  4. Main Relay Set, Aux Relays
  5. Screwdriver and Extended Bits
  6. Fuse Tester / Puller
  7. Non-Contact Spark Tester
  8. Automatic Center Punch (Emergency Window Breaker)
  9. Pen Light

If you’re building your own kit from scratch this won’t be cheap to assemble so you’re best to fill it with things you’ve already got rather than buy new. If you go to the auto dismantler you can probably pick up bulbs and relays for cheap or free. Just remember to test used stuff before adding anything to the box.

January 26, 2013 tools