This post aggregates a few recent fixes and updates into a single post. Went to the junkers today, found some good stuff including an uncracked dash which would probably fetch $200 if I was willing to ship it to a buyer. I left the dash behind but may go back tomorrow I’m not sure.


Door Trim 

  • removed all the old door trim
  • removed any damaged clips, some which the PO crazy glued on when they broke (they are $0.35 each, I have found this to be his typical fix for things)
  • touched up the paint around the trim, clips
  • installed new trim, clips

I’m glad the broken and peeling trim is gone but this didn’t make the car look any better. I am going to consider painting the trim, along with my bumper trim, at some point in the future. For now it’s fine even if one peice of trim is not as shiny as the rest (because I had to assemble the complete set of trim from 3 different cars).

By the way, these bits are $1.00 from most suppliers but BMW of South Atlanta sells them for the list prince, usually less than $0.50 each.


BMW of South Atlanta (link)
e30 325i > Vehicle Trim (link)

Part Numbers:

Clip: BMW Part Number 51131876128 (x1 Per Door)
Grommet: BMW Part Number 51121867907 (x1 Per Door)
Cap Nut: BMW Part Number 41335480120 (x1 Per Door) ! This Part Doesn’t Fit !
Clamp: BMW Part Number 51131829904 (Sedan x2 Per Front Door, x1 Per Rear Door)

Accessory Fusebox 

  • like most e30s the small accessory fusebox next to the main fusebox had no lid
  • this box has two wires: red is always hot, green is hot when key is on
  • i’ve seen these boxes full of water, mine was full of dust
  • lid clasp was broken, had to replace the whole box
  • with another box I was able to just yank the wires out, that didn’t work this time
  • tore the box apart with needlenose pliers
  • discovered that if I had a long, thin, narrow peice of metal I could have gotten it apart properly
  • installed new box, lid



e30 325i > Fusebox Diagram (link)

Part Numbers:
Fuse Box: BMW Part Number 61131382196
Lid: BMW Part Number 61131382197
Boot: BMW Part Number Unknown

Smoke Test

  • sent the car to Bavarian Motorsport for a smoke test and pre-CCC checkup
  • vacuum leaks from breather hose, intake manifold to purge valve and idle control valve
  • they replaced those
  • had front brakes and rotors replaced



Bavarian Motorsport (my shop of choice) (link)


  • not something I did today, just an on-going issue: swapped my AFM a few days ago
  • ordered a remanufactured AFM from Advance Auto Parts a few weeks ago
  • had pretty bad luck with another “brand” of remanufactured AFMs in the past but this was cheap
  • part arrived but has no mounting bolts
  • got some 6mmx18mm flange bolts from Home Depot to mount it
  • disconnected the battery for a few hours to reset ECU (supposedly)
  • car bogs a bit on cold start, hunts then seems to run o.k. sometimes, other times losing power but RPMs are fine
  • everytime I disconnect that battery it seems to start all over
  • not sure I’m going to keep the AFM, may return it and go back to my old AFM or have it refurbished, I’m not sure what’s next with this issue


Python Remanufactured AFM at FCP Groton (link) – My Review (link
Remanufactured AFM at Advance Auto Parts (link)

Cabin Lights 


  • replaced all the door switches
  • cabin lights suddenly work!!
  • open a door, lights come on. close the door, lights stay on, then go off. How modern!

Photo update: 


October 28, 2012 photos, repairs