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Inspired by a thread at R3vlimited I’ve compiled a little Gift Guide for the e30 (or BMW) owner and enthusiast on your Christmas list. Family of mine who might be reading this, this is by no means a hint! On to the list!

Gift Suggestions

  1. The BMW e30 prints from this Etsy store are very nice. Don’t forget a frame.
  2. Any vintage looking BMW keychain.
  3. Driving gloves. I have a pair of the cheap ones, love them.
  4. Gift card for ECSTuning, Turner Motorsport, Pelican Parts (or any major parts distributor).
  5. Any BMW swag: Hat, license plate frames (if he doesn’t already have some), MTech wallet. Some of the BMW gear looks a little pretentious so just be thoughtful and keep it simple. Don’t buy him a travel mug, e30s don’t have cup holders.
  6. Build him a detail kit with with some Vinylex, micro fibre towels, wheel spray and brush, stuff like that. Put it in a nice, closed container that will fit in the trunk. Try to find out if he’s already using a specific brand then go to that manufacturer to get the items. If brand is in doubt Griot’s Garage is a safe bet.
  7. Uncut master keys. The ignition and door keys are different, so you may have to go to ebay to find both. Searching for “e30 blank ignition key” or “e30 blank door key” should generate the desired results.
  8. Glovebox flashlight (OEM item is hard to find). Or a nice flashlight because really… he’s going to use it. If not for finding things that have fallen under the seats then for checking his oil in the dark.
  9. Any euro stuff he doesn’t already have (find it from someone on R3v): euro (german) check panel, plate filler, grills, clock or 6/13-Button OBC.
  10. Touch up paint in his car’s color.
  11. AAA membership. No joke.

December 8, 2012 guide