I don’t know how it got here, perhaps it hitched a ride from it’s home country of Deutschland to the new world or maybe it found the car here in the USA but it seems every e30 has a little gremlin that makes mischeif.

  • car was unlocking itself last weekend (info here), then suddenly issue goes away
  • replaced my AFM a couple weeks ago, car didn’t really like the new AFM that much and had low RPMs on cold starts
  • car developed a misfire which I fixed by replacing the plugs
  • for the last week the car has been bogging and stalling once on cold starts, generally have low power until it warmed up
  • suspect another vacuum leak, thinking car needs another smoke test, poked around the engine but found no cause
  • today problem suddenly goes away and car seems to run great
  • Links:

    e30 Central Locking FAQ (link)

November 10, 2012 repairs, status