My windshield has always been so pitted that I couldn’t see when driving into the sun. After a chunk of dry wall fell off a truck and left a scratch directly in front of my view of the road I decided to call Safelite and have it replaced.

Total cost for the window with installation was a mere $275 and I saved a little bit by reusing the window weather strip. The black metal spacer (called a cup) and the flexible metal trim are always reused.

I was very impressed with the window tech’s knowledge of european cars and we talked about e30s the entire time he was working. I was especially interested in his technique for replacing the metal gasket which you can see in one of the photos below. I’ve seen this done with soapy water and hand pressure but the diamond shaped loop tool he used made it look easy.

BMW e30 windshield metal cup or spacer


bmw e30 with window removed


BMW e30 using a tool to fit the trim into the gasket

April 30, 2014 cosmetic, repairs


Above: Photo by Previous Owner.

BMW e30 M20 Clean Engine Bay

The above photos chronicle my e30 engine bay from it’s condition under the previous owner to now. I’ve learned a lot from working on this car (doing work myself and payers others to do what I can’t) but I wouldn’t do it the same way again. But I can say with pride that this is finally becoming the car I wish I’d bought in the first place.


  • Replaced K&N air filter with stock air box to pass smog and plug vacuum leaks
  • Replaced radiator with e36 radiator
  • All new hoses, belts and gaskets
  • Replaced leaking AFM to throttle body boot
  • Cleaned throttle body
  • Replaced air flow meter with remanufactured unit
  • Painted washer fluid container
  • Replaced distributor cap, rotor, wire set and ignition coil
  • Replaced 235,150 mile m20 motor with 75,864 mile m20 motor
  • Installed powder coated valve cover and intake manifold
  • Engine bay and accessories cleaned, paint freshened
  • Donor motor cleaned and painted

April 24, 2013 photos