Junkyard Find: Heat Shield

Found a heat shield for my car: this goes between the exhaust and the drive shaft and my car is missing it. Needs cleaning. Among the huge list of other parts: still need a 14.5mm rear sway bar and front control arm bushing mounts. Almost got a minty shifter console but after I removed it discovered that someone had screwed something into the side of it at some point. The things people do to cars..


For the hell of it, here’s the list of parts I want or need:

Used Parts:

  • minty black door cards for sedan
  • driver’s side seat belt receptacle
  • sunroof crank mechanism (PIA to remove or replace)
  • passenger side B pillar trim
  • rear sport seats
  • door latches (mine are painted over blue)
  • front side marker lights

New Parts: