Driver’s Log: Santa Cruz to Hwy 1 Loop

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Found myself awake at 3:00AM: I could be driving right now. And it will probably make me happier than a couple hours of sleep. I could be driving right now. I got up, drank some water and dressed in the living room with the light off. Grabbed my pack and left the house. As I pulled out I kept the RPMs low to avoid waking the neighbors. Silicon Valley was still tucked soundly in it’s bed and I was already putting miles between where I was and where I could be. 25 minutes later I was through Santa Cruz and hitting all green lights on Mission. Before long I was on Hwy 1 proper, watching rock walls and coastal valleys appear and disappear in the wash of my headlights, racing with the dashed center line northward. While buzzing past Pigeon Point lighthouse I rolled down all the windows and inhaled as much fresh ocean air as I could before turning inland at San Gregorio State Beach. I saw a buck as still as granite in the light of my high beams and watched him scramble across the road after I passed. I stopped at the intersection of La Honda and Skyline and cut the motor just to listen to the wind softly rustling the redwoods. Their spires scraped the clouds, back lit by the faded white glow of the city below us. My tires chirped happily as I descended from the summit in 3rd gear. Switchbacks soon turned to highway and I let the RPMs climb to the red line as I merged with the commuter traffic beginning to appear.

When I pulled into the parking lot at the gym for my AM workout the odometer read 95 miles. Just shy of a 100 mile sprint.


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May 30, 2013 driver's log