Driver’s Log: Half Moon Bay via Capitola


Took the e30 on it’s longest single journey to date, this time with the family!

A – Start: Santa Clara

Packed the sand toys, beach blanket, ukelele and other stuff into the e30 and departed shortly before 8AM. Hit a Starbucks then left town.

B – McKean Road

Definitely one of the valley’s hidden driving gems. Driven this stretch once before but today the opposing lane was marked off with traffic cones for a marathon. We saw deer and the occassional runner in our lane so I had to take it slow. The scenery was pretty and I found drive mellow when the sun is out, would have been more enjoyable without the marathon. I’m sure the runners felt the same about me.

C – Capitola

The drive over Hecker Pass to Hwy 1 and onward to Capitola was great. Hecker Pass and it’s hair pin turns are familiar to me now and in the revealing light of day everything felt fun and safe. Visibility around corners is great and the changes in elevation are fun. Had breakfast at Zelda’s, played on the beach, then around noon we grabbed coffee and headed north to Half Moon Bay.

E – Half Moon Bay

Taking Hwy 1 out of Capitola sucks, since the first 7-10 miles are through city streets. After that it was easy driving. Half Moon Bay is terrible for traffic though, practically gridlock.

F – La Honda Rd.

Because Hwy 92 was bumper-to-bumper we took La Honda Rd. instead. And this is where things started suck. We got stuck behind a slow, cautious driver who insisted on driving 10 mph under the speed limit, then another driver who – I kid you not – drove between 5 mph and a top speed of 25 mph down the mountain. I could not drive slow enough and rode the brakes the whol way. This is where the car developed a misfire, but we did get home o.k. As for the road, La Honda is a beautiful road, great curves, elevation changes and visibility around corners. This is a popular drive for a reason.

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October 29, 2012 driver's log