Driver’s Log: Roundtrip via Pacifica


A – Santa Clara to Pacifica via Hwy 280

This drive happened last Saturday. I missed the Half Moon Bay exit so we took 280 north and doubled back a little to get to Pacifica. We went to Nick’s on Rockaway Beach for lunch. The parking lot is right on the ocean and if you don’t park carefully your car will catch a lot of ocean spray! The food at Nick’s was o.k. – I had the fried oysters. Not sure it was 4 stars, but it was good enough. If we went back to Pacifica for lunch we’d probably go back.

If you want a dramatic place to take photos of your car, this is the place to go: if you get there early you could get a good spot right next to the water.

As we continued down Hwy 1 I was worried that I was holding up the cars behind me but we quickly caught up to other traffic on the road and the courteous concern left my mind. As long as I’m driving safely and not being the slowest car on the road then I’m happy.


B – San Gregorio State Beach

This was not exactly a planned rest stop but it wouldn’t be a real trip in the e30 without a little drama. After we left Pacifica the car started misfiring. We pulled over and after a quick check in with fellow e30 drivers via Facebook I decided to pull my #5 spark plug (known to burn oil in my car) without waiting for the engine to cool completely. I was careful with my breaker bar not to put undue stress on the plugs and the engine was not red hot. I also could have burned my fingers so I was being extra careful.


The plug wasn’t too bad but I swapped it with a spare anyways. However I found the #1 HT wire gave a little “click” when I pushed on it at the distributor cap. My mechanic buddy doesn’t think that would cause a misfire (as we discussed the last time I had a misfire) but after I did that the car ran fine.


We hung out on the beach for an hour before heading home via La Honda, which is one of the area’s really good roads for driving. This time there were no slow pokes so I had a relaxing drive over the mountain and home.


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December 4, 2012 driver's log, repairs