Driver’s Log: Page Mill Road


A – Page Mill Road To Skyline Blvd

I didn’t intend to take this stretch but I missed the turn for Foothill Rd. This area is mostly residential and Page Mill Road is a gauntlet of driveways, picket fences and parked cars. I would not recommend this as a fun drive:

  • the maximum speed limit is 35, most corner are rated for 20
  • corners and center line are not marked, probably only an issue at night
  • there are unmarked rock slide areas with rocks on the road
  • there’s too many houses (I went through at 5AM and felt pretty conspicious in my loud car) 
  • wildlife, thankfully mostly small foxes

It may have been caused by ice but I took a tire squeelling skid around one corner going only 25 mph — not sure if my car significantly lost rear traction but when tires yelp and you’re not on a race track it’s generally bad. If you drive this road that turn near Foothills Open Space Preserve is one to watch out for.

See photos for a close up of the area in question. Though the elevation change isn’t well illustrated in the Google Maps images that is the factor that complicates the corner.


B – Skyline Blvd

Well known and popular road, pretty easy drive with gentle sweepers and well marked turns. Few cars out at 5:30AM. Most weekends this road is congested with bikers and slower drivers. Speed is good on this highway becuase it’s relatively straight but that also makes it boring. During the day it’s a pretty drive but at night it’s a bit dull — I suppose I can’t have it all to myself and have scenery at the same time.

C – Highway 9

New road for me, I’ve never travelled it before – some great corners, few residences and turns are well marked with chevrons and speed ratings. It actually connects up with Saratoga Ave. eventually. Hwy 9’s other end is near Santa Cruz so I expect to revisit this stretch as a Hwy 17 bypass.

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December 14, 2012 driver's log