Driver’s Log: Alice’s Restaurant

Alice’s Restaurant is about 20 miles outside of Santa Clara in Woodside California. It’s at the intersection of Skyline Blvd. and Lahonda Rd. (Hwy 84). Both of these roads are very rural and made up of back-to-back hairpin turns and switchbacks, bordered by redwoods that seem to brush the sky and snag the occassional wayward cloud in their branches.

So the first time you come to this intersection it can be a shock – not because the little collection of buildings and one-pump gas station seem to appear out of nowhere but because this is a favorite meeting spot for groups of bicyclists, motor bikers and exotic car enthusiasts. There is often 50 bikes parked outside and groups of people waiting for seats congregate outside, it makes for a sight to behold.

Driver's Log: Alice's Restaurant

B – Intersection of Skyline Blvd. and Lahonda Rd.

We decided to get up early and finally make a visit to this famous Bay area landmark – we got there at 8:15 and were just about the first customers! But as you can see it didn’t take long for the parking lot to fill up.


Even though Alice’s has cornered the market on dining at this elevation they don’t take that as an excuse to let the quality slip: breakfast was excellent! I had some of the most delicious blueberry pancakes I’ve ever had. And the atmosphere is authentic, right down to the cow hide upholstery.

Driver's Log: Alice's Restaurant

C – Pomponio SB

Then we took Lahonda Rd. to the coast and went to Pomponio State Beach. My wife and daughter enjoyed the beach while I checked the oil in the e30. The CEL has been coming on lately while driving (usually in 5th) and giving me a 1222 code so I’m being extra careful with the maintenance and fluids. After the Christmas break I’ll see what I can do to diagnose the issue – going to look into the fuel pump, cap and rotor and injectors I think.


Mina loves the beach so much, even when it’s cold. We let her play for about 45 minutes before stripping off her wet and sandy clothes, snuggling her in a blanket and taking ourselves back over the mountain and home.


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December 16, 2012 driver's log