Parts Have Arrived!

This weekend the project to swap a low-mileage m20 motor into my e30 will begin. The last box of parts has arrived: these will replace the wear and tear parts on the donor motor before install.

My current motor has been well maintained since I got it – in fact most of the same parts were replaced on it less than a year ago – but the clutch is slipping and it’s burning oil. This is the time to retire it.


Parts List

Rear Main Seal
78 mm Guibo
Motor Mounts
Victor Reinz Top End Gasket Set
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
Timing Belt
Pressure Plate Bolts
Alternator Belt
A/C Belt
Transmission Mounts
Satch Clutch Kit
Exhaust Manifold Gasket
Hex Nut M10
Redline MTL
Power Steering Belt
Pilot Bearing
Felt Ring
Cover Plate for Felt Ring
Cover Plate for Back of Pilot Bearing
Waterpump Gasket
Engine Block Gasket Set

I also got something special for the car, made in Italy. I’ll post a photo once it’s installed on the car in about a week.


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  1. […] fan and the yellow center marking on the Momo Mod 7 has big appeal. Because I was already placing large orders for M20 parts I decided to just add a wheel to my already huge order, save a couple bucks on shipping and just go […]

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April 11, 2013 mechanical, status