Suspension Installation (Wow!)


I picked up my e30 at Bavarian Motorsport today. In a word: wow. I’d heard that suspension can improve performance but I had no idea that the effect would be so remarkable. Point form notes:

  • Ride: even though the new Ground Control setup is stiffer than stock it’s very comfortable and suitable for taking the family for a drive. Car handles small pot holes and bumps comfortably, and better than the old supsension. This was a surprise, I was expecting the ride to rattle my teeth. I’ll definitely tighten it up later.
  • Shifting: smoother, faster, more mechanical feeling and less squishy. My shifting has improved by an order of magnitude, even my mechanic commented on it after listening to me take off from the shop. Ramon told me the pros and cons of a short shifter and I’m glad I didn’t go against his advice: this set up is perfect.
  • Power: seems to have more power at the wheels. I’d heard that suspension would improve HP and torque but I had no idea how much or if even true. RPMs seem more stable during shifting too, no idea if that’s in my mind or reality. Might be related to the axle / guibo replacement.
  • Noise: whole car is less noisy, even the muffler is quieter. Might be in my head or a by-product of being closer to the ground and better insulated from noise and vibration around the shifter.

I am extremely happy and while the upgrades were not cheap it will pay for itself in future enjoyment. I might not be able to sleep tonight, I may have to get up early and drive. The plan is to put 100 miles on the suspension this weekend so it can settle and be ready for a front end alignment and new wheels next week. Then a week after that I will be apart from the car again for some body work. I’m going to miss it.

I used to be the kind of person who thought cars were silly. Why would you be into cars? I almost regarded an interest in cars as non-sensical as having an interest in toasters. But now I think that if someone isn’t passionate about cars that they just haven’t driven the right car yet.

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September 8, 2012 mechanical, photos