What’s In My Trunk


I always like to hear what people carry around in their trunks. Here’s mine:

  • spare distributor cap & rotor
  • spare spark plugs
  • spare fan belt
  • spare water pump belt
  • spare fuses
  • spare rear signal bulbs
  • spare relays (main, etc.)
  • brake fluid (unopened)
  • 15w40 oil
  • 2L BMW coolant / distilled water
  • compressed air canister
  • tire pressure guage
  • wheel blocks
  • wheel cleaner spray
  • wheel brush
  • car wash squegee
  • shop cloths
  • microfibre cloths
  • vinylex vinyl and plastic spray
  • oil funnel
  • coolant funnel
  • bentley manual
  • bungee cords
  • work light
  • LED head light
  • ABC fire extinguisher

All that fits in a single plastic tote with room to spare. I also carry a set of basic tools (screwdrivers, wrenches and sockets, voltmeter, etc.) and a gas can. With a list that long you might think the car breaks down all the time but to be fair I’ve never been stranded (though sometimes I’ve chosen not to drive the car because of a drivability issue). I’ve made a lot of little adjustments on the road but never had to make a major repair.


For comparision, here’s what the Bentley manual recommends every e30 owner carry:


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