BMW e30: One Less Mechanical Violation

Picked up and installed some used sidemarker sockets and new bulbs (part number 63217160797). All but one of the car’s sidemarkers has been disconnected and burned out since I got the car. Some day I’d like to put clear lenses (read: make) in my markers and front turn signals but that will have to wait.

On that note, here’s a few of my non-mechanics rules to buying a used e30:

  • if someone can’t be bothered to replace a burned out bulb they probably couldn’t be bothered to do the required maintenance either. burned out bulbs are a sign of neglect.
  • avoid custom painted cars: replacement body parts cost extra because they will always need to be painted and fasteners and clips may be painted over or missing entirely.
  • almost any car looks good wet. be suspicious if someone hoses down their car before you look at it.

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    October 7, 2012 mechanical, repairs