LED Accent Lights Install

Installed LED trunk, license plate and interior lights. In the process discovered that I need to solder a resistor onto the trunk LEDs otherwise they cause a false positive on the check panel and that the switch in my glove box is broken. Always something to fix… more photos to come when I set up a tripod for proper night-time shots.


Part Notes:

  • License Plate LEDs: Error Free LEDs on Ebay (which I should have bought)
  • License Plate, Trunk and Glovebox LEDs: 3710 LED at Superbrightleds.com
  • Cabin Dome Lights: 6451 LED at Superbrightleds.com


Ordered the eBay LEDs which even fit inside the bulb housing better due to the shape of the resistor. They don’t generate an error unless I restart the car the without also turning off the lights (i.e. stall it), in which case the trigger the check panel light.


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October 13, 2012 cosmetic