For Sale: Intake Manifold & Valve Cover


I received this crinkle-finish powder coated valve cover and intake manifold 2 weeks ago from Guten Parts. I have literally dreamt about how beautiful my engine bay would look with these in it. But the voice of reason has given me the sound of advice that I should not invest any more money in my m20 motor because it’s burning oil. If my motor wasn’t pure stock m20 and an engine swap wasn’t already in my plans then perhaps things would be different.

My options:

  1. Install anyways and sell at a substantial loss when I part out the motor (post engine swap sometime next year)
  2. Save parts for some other e30 that I don’t yet own. My wife might not like that
  3. Sell to someone else and put the money in the swap fund

Putting out a feeler for #3: Paid $275, would like to recoup as much of that as possible. Will deliver within 25 miles of Santa Clara. Contact me at

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November 2, 2012 cosmetic, status