Good News

My car is fine! My mechanic even had difficulty getting it to overheat: He threw blankets over the engine bay in order to get the engine temperature up to 92C and that was after driving it hard. Aux (electrical backup) fan came on as it should, everything else is working as it should. The coolant overflow I noted was what could / would / should happen if someone opens the reservoir when the system is hot and still under pressure.

Shortly after I got the car the thermostat went, and then the fan clutch went. So I won’t learn what “normal” is until I drive it some more and stop making changes (read: fixes) to it. The e30 thermometer is flaky and prone to bouncing around – it’s a real thermometer so any fluctuations in temperature are represented on the dial. As long as it’s not into the red then the engine should be fine. I might install an aftermarket thermometer so I have some other, more accurate view of what’s going on. We’ll see if I can handle the crazy readings or not.

Thankfully the engine is fine and I can proceed with my other plans with some peace of mind. Since it’s at the shop now I’m going to leave the car there until next monday to have some greatly anticipated upgrades and repairs done. It will feel like a new car when I get it back.

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August 28, 2012 status