Cup Holders Installed

The cupholders in BMWs are either lousy or outright missing with the exception of some late model cars. In our e39 wagon the cupholders are flimsy, prone to breaking and unable to hold anything but a size small coffee. In the e30 there just aren’t any.

I think this a purposeful statement by BMW engineers: when you’re drinking coffee, do nothing but drink coffee. When you’re driving, do nothing but drive. This would be true to the motorsport roots of the company. More on the motorsport part some other time…

It really only holds 1 beverage, which is all that’s really needed. It’s a pretty simple affair, just a few peices of MDF with vinyl stapled over it. I had to add the AC plug myself. Bought it from SFGadgetGuy.


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September 14, 2012 cosmetic