Christmas Travels & Side Marker Drainage Holes


  • spent half my vacation sick
  • tried to talk about stuff other than cars
  • noticed that VWs are the Euro car of choice in Canada
  • drove a VW Passat. it was a mellow ride, didn’t like the way it sounded.
  • Petro Canada sells 94 octane!
  • e39 touring had a dead battery when we returned
  • now a pro at extracting battery from powerless e39 touring
  • e30 was filthy from 2 weeks of Caliornia rain
  • washed it today, needs another wash to get really clean

Side Marker Drainage Holes

The front sidemarkers on my car were crappy: one was always falling out a little, the other was collecting water. Replaced both, drilled a hole in the bottom of each so any moisture can drain.


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January 1, 2013 cosmetic, status