Almost Made It Home…

When you own an older car there’s more to it than the pride of ownership. It’s about stewardship, and taking something and making it better. It’s about giving a car the life it deserves and letting it make your life better by taking you places, down the road and on an adventure.

Long story short, the e30 survived it’s longest single journey to date but didn’t quite make it home without incident. We drove from Santa Clara, over McKean Rd. and Hecker Pass to Capitola. Then up Hwy. 1 to Half Moon Bay then over La Honda and home. But on the final leg it started acting funny and appears to have a misfire. We made it home, but the e30 has been sitting waiting for me to either figure out what’s wrong or send it to my buddy Ramon for professional help.

I hate it when I can’t drive the car, but this is all part of that stewardship thing. And we had a great weekend together with lots of spirited driving around switchbacks and twisty mountain hops.

I’m sure it will be back on the road again soon. And we had a great weekend together.


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October 30, 2012 driver's log, photos