Achievement Unlocked: Car On Jack Stands

I booked the vehicle bay at Tech Shop so that I could learn to jack up my car. I’ve jacked up other cars just to change a flat but never put a car up on stands. It was a good learning experience and a chance to take a look at the under carriage. Tech Shop had 2 floor jacks but only one was short enough to fit under the front support. Here’s the diagram I used to determine where to put the floor jack and stands:


Didn’t want to but no choice but to put the floor jack under the rear differential because my muffler was blocking the optimal spot on the subframe support. While I was under there I had intended on installing the heat shield I pulled 2 weeks ago but I couldn’t figure out how to get the muffler out of the way and ran out of time (the previous guy who booked the vehicle bay held me up for almost an hour which is a big faux pas at the Tech Shop). I may try again later.

I did paint my fog light deletes and install them while at Tech Shop this morning. Observations about painting:

  • get more paint than you need. you’ll need it. i only had 2 oz and needed at least 10 oz.
  • get a gravity fed paint gun, it works better with small amounts of paint
  • bring your own acetone, don’t count on the Tech Shop having some
  • bring your own teflon tape for air hose couplings


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September 30, 2012 mechanical, photos